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Amethyste FarmaVita Colouring Mask 250ml- COPPER

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We present to you the professional colorant mask Farmavita Amrthyste has deep pigments that revive and enrich the color for only a few minutes. It is rich in Argan oil for extreme nourishment and shine, leaving hair extraordinarily lively and soft. Amethyste Vision Mask is an ideal professional product to:
• Revive and enhance the color of your hair.
• Create temporary tones in natural hair;
• Neutralizes unattractive yellow shades.

  The mask acts gently on the hair without damaging it. It is a painless solution to color your hair in the desired nuance.

Directions: Apply a quantity of mask to all hair or a certain strand of your hair that you want to tint. Leave the product to stand for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
Silver (Silver) - Suitable for very blond tones with ash shades. Neutralizes the unwanted yellow hue.
Blond (blond) - For golden blond hues that look deeper and lighter.
Brunette (Brown) - Boosts the intensity of chocolate - brown tuna.
Intense Red - Red is even more red and its shades are highlighted.
Copper - Suitable for all copper tones as well as warm red shades.

Manufacturer: Farmavita, Italy