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ODOREX Antiperspirant Roll-On 40ml by Biotrade

Ref. number: 10620

Against excessive sweating and unpleasant smell of armpits and palms


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Roll-on anti-perspiration and unpleasant smell of armpits and palms, which provides up to 10 days protection after only one application. It is used according to a pattern that is in keeping with the rhythm of your body. It combines perfectly with perfumes, deodorants and soaps that do not affect its effect. An efficient and economical product. The unique mechanism acts only on the overactive sweat glands, without affecting the overall thermoregulation.


Suitable for:

excessive sweating and odor
palms and armpits
Prevents sweating for 10 to 14 days
No smell
Eliminates the unpleasant odor
Does not violate thermoregulation
It leaves no stains on the clothes
It is combined with perfumes, deodorants and soaps that do not affect the effect

Manufacturer: Biotrade, Bulgaria

For the first use, apply 3 consecutive evenings on healthy, washed and well-dried skin, and rinse in the morning with water. To maintain the effect, then apply once every 7 to 14 days according to your personal regimen. For example, if sweating occurs on day 10 after the first use, apply Odorex Deo once every 9 days.

Perfumes, deodorants and soaps can be used at this interval as they do not affect the effectiveness of the roll-on.



You do not need to use Odorex Deo every day!
Do not plan for hair removal on the day of application.
Apply Odorex Deo only on healthy and uninjured skin and at least 24 hours after hair removal.
Do not use the product if you have hypersensitivity to aluminum salts.
If you feel burning, itching, or flushing, stop using the product. If the complaints do not go away within 3 days, consult a dermatologist.

aqua, alcohol, aluminum chloride, glycerin, methenamine, perfume

Active ingredients
Aluminum chloride / aluminum chloride - Prevents sweating
Glycerin / Glycerin - Softens, moisturizes and enhances skin elasticity, protects it from drying out and increases its protective function
Methenamine - a broad-spectrum antibacterial ingredient
Does not contain



It is not tested on animals